PostHeaderIcon Why are fire exit signs necessary?

Fires can be deadly. Smoke can suffocate and ‘blind’ people and flames of course are equally as deadly. It is essential that all public buildings have fire exit signs. Many advocate that even homes should have exit signs as well.

To begin, government regulations require building owners to have fire exit signs clearly and prominently displayed. So too a map by the elevator or lift wells should clearly show exits in time of an emergency.

It might be that people have worked in a building for a long time. But even so, a fire emergency can cause panic. If people have a rapidly rising heartbeat and become seriously afraid, sensible decision-making can go out the window. If a person in the building is new to the environment, then they will have little if any idea of where to exit the building.

That alone demonstrates why fire exit signs are essential. And the signs should be simple and well placed. Fire drills for regular occupants are also an excellent idea.

Many buildings have safety or fire doors. These are closed in the event of a fire thus stopping the fire from spreading throughout the building. Now if a person goes to one of these locked doors in trying to exit the building, imagine their added panic at feeling they are trapped. If there are clear arrows and fire exit signs throughout the corridors, a safe and sensible exit is possible.


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