PostHeaderIcon How to make an asset tag stand out

There are many things you can do to make your asset tags stand out and be easily identified. The first is to have the barcode printed in black lettering on a white background.
Using bright colours on the rest of the asset tag makes them easy to locate and warns potential thieves that the item has been tagged. This makes them harder to sell. Then there’s the actual size of the asset tag. The standard size is recommended because this makes the barcode scanner’s job so much easier – easier to locate and easier to scan.
Using polyester asset tags means they will survive in almost every type of environment and choosing the tamper-proof models gives you peace of mind as any tampering causes the tag to chip or flake.
Your choice of printing method will also give your asset tags a greater visibility. By using sub-surface printing which is printing on the underside of clear material, you give the barcode a greater visibility and less chance of wear and tear.
Finally it is simple today to have your own art work or logo on an asset tag. You can make your asset tags distinctive and unique by printing your company’s details in your own design and colours.

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