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PostHeaderIcon Health and Safety Posters

Health and safety posters explain a specific rule or gives advice with the aim to keep people out of harms way in public places. These may include offices, factories, schools, rented accommodation, hotels or even a government building. The purpose is designed to make people aware of danger and how one may protect themselves from injury. In addition health and safety posters also show that the public building or business owner is complying with health and safety legislation.

Health and safety signs come in all shapes and sizes and are used for any situation imaginable.

What sort of Health and Safety poster would you require?

If you work in an industrial site safety signs could be used to inform people to wear goggles before entering a specific area, in this instance you may require a permanent poster for health and safety purposes. If you require the poster to be permanent then you may need to invest in a sign that is made of durable plastic which can be wiped down. Another example is if you are working in extreme conditions such as a freezer, the type of plastic you require matters. The plastic must endure extreme temperatures without cracking or falling apart. In short all health and safety posters must be fixed securely and permanently to any surface.

However on a more short term note, if you are planning to run a safety campaign for the purpose of education maybe a sign made of paper could do the trick.. The only downside would be the durability of the sign.

Finding the Health and Safety Poster You Require

Ensure you always buy your health and safety poster from a reputable company that specialises in health and safety posters. This because they have the expertise in the industry to guide with health and safety and ensure that the wording is correct and complies with relevant legislation.

PostHeaderIcon Number of Health and Safety jobs to increase in private sector

The number of in-house health and safety technician positions in the private sector is expected to increase significantly, due to the scheduled cuts to the Government’s health and safety watchdog. Likewise, as companies outsource typical health and safety responsibilities to skilled contractors, national positions in this area are also expected to increase.
The state of the construction industry is causing industry wide concerns, due to the forecasted reduction in work place inspections by the Health and Safety Executive. However, it has been stated that this will serve to boost numbers of available health and safety jobs.
Having a business that follows safe working practices not only makes humane sense – it also makes sense for economic reasons. According to lead researchers, a significant number of hours of productivity are lost due to avoidable accidents that occur in the workplace, and the bereavements that result from such accidents.
The Bureau of Labour Statistics has predicted that over 12,000 healthy and safety technician positions will be made available in the United Kingdom by 2018 – a staggering 14% increase.
The HSE budget is set to be cut by 35%, and as a result the compulsory health and safety inspections required for employers will no longer be in place.
Instead, authoritative sources have stated that HSE inspectors will be concentrating on particularly high risk work sites and scenarios, while members of other bodies of industry will be encouraged to ensure that self-regulation is carried out.
Complaints that places of work are becoming increasingly dangerous due to cuts have been widely made by unions. The construction industry has seen a shocking increase in fatalities of 15% in the past year – UCATT announced that this added up to 21 separate memorial services in June as a result of work place accidents. George Guy, acting general secretary of UCATT, is quoted in response as saying “The Conservative-led government’s financial attacks on the HSE will make workplaces more dangerous and will lead to increased deaths and injuries of workers in future.”

This article was written by freelance journalist Gemma Simms on behalf of Acre Resources. Acre Resources are an ethical and socially responsible health and safety recruitment specialist based in the UK. They advertise a number of national and international health and safety jobs.