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PostHeaderIcon New Home Security Trends Put the Power in Your Hands – Automatically

We’re all busy these days, in many cases too busy to give every important task the time and attention it needs. Thankfully, technology has evolved to the point that it can manage many of these tasks for us. Not surprisingly, home security is following suit.

Many busy homeowners are finding automated home security to be an affordable, convenient, and effective way to protect their homes and families, just as someone seeking counseling may find e-therapy more convenient than in-person sessions. You know what home security looks like now, but watch for more of these emerging trends.

Self-Contained Security Systems

In the past, you had to go to different vendors for the locks on your doors, your alarm system, and your security camera. Today, companies like Honeywell and Interlogix are putting all those functions into one self-contained security solution.

This one centralized system leaves no area of your home unprotected. Lights and thermostats are programmed automatically to make your home comfortable and make intruders think twice about breaking in. Cameras and sensors are programmed to catch — and report — breaches as they happen. And, of course, many of these systems send alerts that speed up response time.

More Flexible Security Options

Not all homes are equal, but for a long time all home security options were. They identified certain noises or irregularities and were difficult or impossible to customize to your residence. Today’s systems have made security more personalized — and more effective.

If you want to leave the garage door open but lock the front door, you can do that.  Same thing with lights — you can turn on the living room lights at sunset and the porch lights at nightfall. You can even customize the sensors in your home so that indoor pets or contractors working on your home won’t trip the system by accident.

Security on the Go

Mobile devices have already enabled people to order lunch, find the nearest gym, pay a bill, and send important files from wherever they’re sitting or standing. Since mobile devices let people live life on the go, they’ve become great tools for keeping your home safe on the go as well.

A mobile app lets you adjust the settings on your lights or thermostat and check in on your home. It also alerts you when it detects a potential problem with your settings. This alert feature is especially useful in case the worst happens; if there’s a break-in or a fire, you’re notified immediately, as are the proper authorities.

People may be doing more things outside the home, but they still want to keep that home safe. Look for new security solutions that make it easier to protect yourself and your home without all the time, money, and worry.

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