PostHeaderIcon What is an Asset Tag?

It’s a label, a small individually numbered tag which is used to identify an asset such as a piece of valuable office equipment. Computers, printers, fax machines and the like are the ideal product which can be labelled with an asset tag. Each tag can have its own sequential number and/or sequential bar code making identification easy and quick. Manufacturers can even produce asset tags using the company’s name or logo.
Every medium sized business and certainly every large business will have dozens if not hundreds of valuable items. By affixing an asset tag, companies can easily identify items when they are removed or repaired or serviced or when they are stolen, sold or placed in storage. In many cases, insurance companies will not cover items unless they have an asset tag.
Asset tags or retail tags come in a variety of materials. Vinyl and polyester are the two main types and there are asset tags which are tamper proof. That is if the tag is removed or tampered with, it becomes damaged and thus cannot be placed on another item.
Inventories or stock-takes are required every year if not sooner and the ability to check stock via the bar code on an asset tag is a time saving and thus a cost saving exercise for every business.

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