PostHeaderIcon The Biggest First Aid Kit Emergencies

Some people say that the biggest is best; others that the best things come in small packages. I’m sure that there must be instances whereby both approaches can be said to be true, but when it comes to first aid emergency kits, I for one feel more comfortable with a big one – a first aid emergency kit I mean of course!

But what about the emergency itself? What is the biggest emergency that a first aid kit could be used for? Given this sort of scenario I would have to say that a even little something would be better than nothing at all. The course is not just about the first aid kit, or the actual emergency, but it’s also about the first aider him or herself. Any size of company should have a trained first aider available at all times. You never know when an accident or an emergency may arise, and if there is no trained first aider on hand, it could mean life or death for the injured party.

First aid kits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you may be surprised by the amount of choice there is. For example you can have the truly mobile bum bag first aid kit, an anti- microbial first aid kit for places where bacteria and infection may be rife, or a BC fire extinguisher and travel first aid kit, which is absolutely ideal for those constantly on the move. So, it’s essential that a workplace first aid kit contain items which are relevant to the type of injury a first-aider may encounter.

The biggest first aid kit emergencies include cuts, sprains, fractures, choking and nosebleeds, which occur both in the workplace at at home. However, simply diving into a first aid kit, especially in cases where time is of the essence, to grab the nearest item will do little to help the injured or the first-aider. Everything within the first aid kit must be clearly labelled so that anyone using the kit is fully aware of its contents. Labelling is terribly important, not only in first aid kits, but in anything to do with health and safety or asset registration.

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