PostHeaderIcon How to hold up a box without injury

Lifting a box may cause an injury. An injury can be anything from a slight inconvenience up to serious damage to your back and other muscles. There are several steps you can take to prevent injury.

  • Check the weight before lifting. The size of the box does not necessarily indicate its weight
  • Check the contents. Are the contents well packed?
  • Are there handles? If not, how will you grip the box?
  • If the box has to be lifted up high, use steps or a ladder
  • Use your legs and your arms rather than your back

There are other sound tips when holding up a box. Make your movements slow and smooth rather than rushed and jerky. Always face the box front on and never on an angle. The best ‘place’ to carry the box is between your waist and your shoulders.

If you have to perform a lot of lifts, take your time. Have a short break between lifts. Make sure you warm up beforehand with some simple stretching exercises. If the box is too heavy, do not lift it yourself but use a machine such as a forklift. Remember always that safety comes first and prevention is better than cure.


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