PostHeaderIcon How to get a first aid qualification

Every workplace will have medical emergencies or mishaps at different times. It could anything from a heart attack to a cut finger. It could be anything from an injury to an illness. Professional medical staff will hopefully arrive for serious cases in as short a time as possible. But in the meantime having a first aid representative on site is important, offers peace of mind and is potentially life-saving.
Ordinary workers from management to staff are able to obtain a qualification in first aid. There are regulatory bodies in your country which provide training and issue certificates to those who pass the course. There are different levels of first aid training from beginner to advanced and both general first aid and specific first aid courses such as administering medicine, CPR-only and first aid with regard to hazardous substances are available.
A basic first-aid course will last a day and give participants confidence in helping anyone with a medical problem in the workplace. More advanced qualifications can last two days with additional study required on modules back at the workplace. Employees who obtain a first aid qualification increase their worth as a valued and valuable member of staff.

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