PostHeaderIcon Improving health and safety in the workplace

On a construction site, health and safety regulations are absolutely paramount for both workers and employers. A safe site equals a safe worker but it’s unreal how many sites get basic health and safety regulation wrong – or just ignore it altogether.

While it is the fault of the employers, it is also the fault of their employees if nothing is said to rectify the situation. Staffs need to gather the courage to say, ‘something is wrong here, boss’; otherwise workplaces are just a big accident waiting to happen.

On the other hand, while employees need to speak up, firms should be encouraging their employees to do so. Sometimes, the workplace can be an intimidating arena, so employers need to come with a few solutions as to how employees can bring up the issue of health and safety without being undermined.

Companies need to make sure there is one key figurehead within the firm that controls health and safety. With a visible, central person leading the way for health and safety, workers should know who to contact if a problem does arise – like someone smoking outside of the designated smoking shelters, for example.

Another issue is the registering of a complaint publicly. Most workers would rather bring up an issue anonymously as to not cause extra grief within the workplace so by installing a simple drop box in the main office; workers can submit health and safety issues anonymously. This makes it easier for staff and it gives the firm a chance to file the complaint. It’s also very cost effective – after all, a box and some pieces of card cost pittance compared to the fine firms could receive if their health and safety measures are poor.

It’s all well and good reporting a complaint but employers need to make sure that action is taken. After all, if people continue to report complaints but see that nothing is being done, will they continue to report issues? The answer is no.

Health and safety is incredibly important in a workplace and so is the aspect of reporting these issues. Without staff and employers joining forces to employ health and safety, firms could face a big fine or – even worse – an accident or death in the workplace.

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