PostHeaderIcon How to predict how many asset tags I need in the workplace

One of the benefits of using asset tags is that, with a portable bar code scanner, you can conduct an inventory of your plant and equipment in a very short time. With the same principle of using technology, in this case computer software, you can predict the number of asset tags you need in your business.
Remember that asset tags are limited only by your choice and so can be applied to such things as office equipment, software programs, computers both desktop and portable as well as tools and furniture.
Setting up a simple software program which creates lists of items under the various sub-headings above will enable you to see at a glance how many items you have to be labelled with an asset tag.
Then you need to make a prediction for future needs and growth. What percentage of your stock will be upgraded in the next two or even five years? Does your business have plans to expand within the foreseeable future? Will this mean extra staff and extra equipment? If so, you add the future requirements to your inventory.
By adding your projected needs to your current stock you will be able to predict how many asset tags you need in your workplace.

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