PostHeaderIcon Why only qualified people should use forklifts

There is no doubt a forklift truck is a brilliant piece of equipment. They can move in and out of tight spaces, take up little space, are cheap to run and have great strength for serious lifting work.

But the operation of a forklift is not a simple matter. For example, a forklift can overturn from unexpected angles and its operation follows strict rules and regulations. Only a trained and qualified person should operate a forklift.

If there is a mechanical or other operational fault, the machine must not be operated until repaired. Only a qualified person can carry out a proper inspection before the forklift is put to work. Failure to operate a properly maintained forklift can result in serious damage, injury or even death.

A forklift can leak fluids which may cause slippage. A qualified person will place mats under a forklift and know how to inspect for any leaks. The forks when raised may drop unexpectedly and only a qualified operator will know to have people well clear when the machine is in operation.

A forklift can tip over if the weight being lifted is not correctly balanced and only a qualified driver will know how much to lift and how to place the load correctly.


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