PostHeaderIcon Staying Safe in the Fuel Crisis

We’re all usually quite good at getting ourselves into a bit of a mess; sometimes we get into a hole and we just don’t know when to stop digging. But it rather takes the biscuit when our own Prime Minister digs the hole for us. I just don’t know what possessed David Cameron to go on TV and advise everyone to start stocking up on petrol. It’s a bit like waving a red rag in front of a bull!

Here in the good old UK, once upon a time we used to be described as a nation of shop keepers. Now I rather think it might be more apt to describe ourselves as a nation of panic merchants. It seems like every time there’s even a whisper of a petrol shortage, or the possibility of the supermarkets been shut for the odd bank holiday, it’s a signal for everyone to start queuing up to do their panic buying.

Unfortunately what happens is that people go beyond just topping up their petrol tanks in their cars, and they also revert to storing petrol, (sometimes in inappropriate containers) in their garages, sheds, and outhouses. It has caused the Fire Brigade to coming forward to warn people of the dangers. But that in itself is a further topic of amusement as we hear of the lengths some people have gone to store fuel ‘just in case’. But it’s no laughing matter and whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation, people will be storing petrol and it could pose a serious threat, especially to those who are unaware that flammable material is being stored nearby. What’s needed is a clear warning notice, both on the container itself, and on the entrance to the garage or shed etc., just to remind anyone entering of the danger within.

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