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Keeping your children safe whilst they play in your garden, in someone else’s garden or indeed in a playground or play park is number one priority for parents.

Many of us can be nervous about keeping our children out of harm’s way whilst they are playing. There can be so many worries and concerns, from their children falling over to bumping heads on various play equipment.

Trampolines are extremely popular, they provide children with a fun past time which can be done in the safety of their own garden. Trampolines give children the opportunity to practise their strength, agility and coordination as well as have fun with their friends. Many of you may already have a trampoline in your garden – or you may be considering getting one.

So, how and what do you need to do in order to make it safe for your children to bounce away and have as much fun as possible? There are so many health and safety rules in the work place and at schools and nurseries, but when it comes to being at home a lot of people overlook the need to think carefully about health and safety. This goes for children’s play equipment – whilst using play equipment in the home there are a few things we should think about in order to make it as safe as possible.

  1. Make sure the trampoline has durable, thick pads covering the springs around the edge of the trampoline. If your trampoline didn’t or doesn’t come with good padding – it is worth investing in some which can be bought separately.
  2. Safety nets or enclosures can be bought to surround the outside of your trampoline; this will make it safer t bounce on and will help prevent your child falling off the side.
  3. Buy a ladder to help people mount and dismount safely – the net or enclosure may stop people falling when they are on the bed of the trampoline, but it will not stop people slipping of the edge if they are trying to get down off it
  4. Ensure whoever is going to use the trampoline has no extra loose clothing, bracelets, earring or anything that may get caught and do that person damage. Just like in any sport, it is important to be properly dressed before partaking
  5. Keep your play equipment in good order – covers can protect the life of your equipment, but replacement parts should be bought if bits start to wear out. If the springs, pads, or netting wears out then someone could hurt themselves.
  6. Lastly, supervise at all times – especially with young children. Alternatively, you can appoint a responsible teenager or older child to take responsibility for very small children. This means only allowing one child on at a time and making sure the children are not doing anything silly whilst on the trampoline.

Many of these things are common sense, but it is important to keep in mind so your children can play in the safest way possible.

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