PostHeaderIcon How do I regulate my workspace car park? What signage should I use?

If your business has more cars than spaces then it may be necessary to regulate use of the car park. There will usually be a select group of senior staff who will have their car space with an appropriate sign – reserved for the managing director.

Some businesses have decided to charge staff to park in the company parking lot, [a] to encourage more people to take public transport and [b] to reduce the number of staff seeking to park at work.

Signage must always be well placed and easy to read. Signage can be on a wall, a pole or post and even painted on the ground. Some of the information signs you should consider include;

  • Disabled parking
  • Visitor parking
  • Reserved parked
  • Private parking
  • No parking

A common and important sign seen in most public and private car parks contains the following message. “All vehicles and their contents are parked here solely at the risk of the vehicle’s owner.” This is for insurance purposes mainly and to encourage people to lock their cars and not leave valuables in the car.


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