PostHeaderIcon Health and Safety Tips When Working On Steel Buildings

There are lots of metal buildings these days. Everywhere you turn your head too you will see one or more of these buildings. What is not so clear, however, is how these buildings are put up and the implications they pose on steel builders.

Metal workers come up with these structures by installing and placing steel and iron columns, girders and a number of other constructive materials. However, due to the nature of their work, safety conditions are off the highest priority because metal workers are at the risk of suffering various kinds of injuries.

Types of Injury

Common injuries that metal workers are susceptible to include:
- Eye injuries
- Respiratory disease
- Concussions
- Dental injuries
- Amputees
- Fractures
- Burns
Other typical injuries include:
- Eye wounds
- Hearing loss
- Hand lacerations
- Injuries to soft tissue

How To Avoid These Injuries

Personal Protective Equipment

Commonly abbreviated as PPE, personal protective equipment is one of the many things that are required by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). The equipment has been designed to help employees reduce their exposure to various hazards to manageable levels. Employees have a right to decide whether they need PPE within the work environment or not. Those working in metal buildings invariably implement and carry out this practice.

Glasses and Gloves

As a metal worker, you have to wear protective gloves. These should be fitting and designed using the best materials. You should also protect your eyes using eye wear. Safety goggles and glasses are particularly useful in this case.

Safety Tips

OSHA recommends a number of safety tips that any metal worker should embrace before embarking on their job. These include:
- Wearing gloves anytime you need to move metal
- Using a brush to get rid of metal shavings
- Using sharp tools carefully while performing serious metal work

The Impact of Injuries in the Metal Work Industry

The cost and number of injuries experienced in the metal works industry has really increased over the past few years. Concerns over these continued injuries led to increased engagement by groups interested in the safety of people working in the metal manufacturing industry.

How to Reduce Injuries

Anyway, it has been noted that most of the injuries metal workers sustain are very preventable. Just ensure that you do some research on how injuries can be prevented. These tips you gather should then be followed to the latter and you will notice a considerable reduction in the risk that you will get injured while on the job.

Safety and Health Management Systems

Effective safety and health performance typically involves a lot. You need to have more than a management system and plan. In fact, it is important to get everyone involved and committed to safety in the work place. You should also inculcate practices and knowledge at each and every level before integrating safety and health in your daily behaviour.

Overall, remember that health and safety tips are very important for people while they are working on steel buildings. Always wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves. You should also ensure that you are very careful while working on these kinds of buildings. In the long run, you will be better placed to ward off these very avoidable injuries.

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